The dinghy was a diversion away from the big boat and a way to do a father son project with 12 year old Carson.  The plans to build Kelp ( Spindrift 9 - nesting dinghy) came from B& B Yacht Designs.  The plans were full sized paper,  reasonable and easy to follow. 

One last bit of enticement to visit Ray's Website.  Being and Ex-Engineer  (no such thing as an Ex-Engineer)  Ray's thought process works a bit different than most of ours.  When Ray looks at a project,  he does not consider the "If it ain't broke don't fix it".  Instead the process is to continually improve and modify.  When you visit,  look at his photos from that standpoint and you will see what I am referring to.

Photos and Story from the Internet
2004 Spindrift 9 - Nesting Dinghy
" Kelp "
Ray and Carson Henry of North Carolina completed the dinghy.  These six photos are but a few of the shots available on Rays Website. The boat at lower right towing the dinghy is  "Seaweed"  she is finished and has an album on the Photo Site ( click here )
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