Craig Honshell is the proud owner of this M-17.  She is over 20 years old and with her refit which included the bronze portlights,  she looks like she could be 100...  Up close and personal she looks close to new.  Upper left is Craig waving to us. The photo was taken in mid 2003 off the beach in Lake Michigan near Holland.  That's Benjamin in the water,  Aaron climbing aboard,  Craig's father and brother.  That's five big guys out for a day sail. 

All of the changes have been made since Craig brought her home from North Carolina in September of 2000.  The old ports were professionally glassed in,  then holes cut for the Davey & Co opening bronze portlights.  The process is shown with photos on this site.  New M-Boats are offered with opening portlights.  The retrofit into a boat that is 20 years old is a nice touch and a commitment to owners pride. 

Also visible are the Bristol Bronze chainplates.  Craig tells me Bristol kept the molds if someone else want them.  Upper right is Aaron.  It's quite all right to have lots of Bronze with a nephew like him. The refitted hardware inventory thus far includes:  Bronze Portlights ~ Davey & Co    Bronze Winches ~ LVJ    Bronze snagless mooring cleats ~ Karlyn    Bronze jam cleats ~ Bristol Bronze    Bronze flagpole base ~ Davey & Co    Bronze chainplate ~ Bristol Bronze    Bronze backstay plates ~ Bristol Bronze    Lignum Vitae furling leads ~ Davey & Co

Photos and Story by Craig Honshell

1984 Montgomery 17 - Hull Number 389
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