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Boat Part: Main Sheet/Traveler

Date Modified: 05/30/2016 4:18 PM


For those who may consider moving their mainsheet traveler from the factory position to the set up created by Bert Feldman on M-14 Kokopelli, as described in the Winter 1995 Montgomery Newsletter, available from the MSOG main site.

Here are some updated results. One of the easiest modifications available. Four holes drilled and easy access to the nuts and bolts that hold everything in place.

The Harken 211 Traveler Car is mounted on a Harken High Beam Track, which is mounted a little forward of the cockpit locker doors. The mainsheet block is a Harken 362 with cam cleat. Minor changes were made to the boom rigging. The results are excellent. John says he has better overall sail control. Plus it is easier to get in and out of the cabin and the mainsheet does not drape over him when he sits with his back against the cabin bulkhead. Also notable is the location of the Plastimo Mini Contest Compass. Certainly looks like it's best to just leave that bottom board in.

Photos and Story by John and Jana Gonzales

Note that this arrangement has been discarded in favor of a "Barney Post" which may be seen in another of the Bella Postings.


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