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About the MSOG Photo Site

This site is undergoing an extensive re-design. The original photo site was updated and maintained by a single individual/webmaster. Montgomery sailboat owners would submit photos to the webmaster who would then upload then to the site. The goal of the re-design is to remove the webmaster's role and allow Montgomery sailboat owners to post photos and information themselves. Think of it like a blogging site. Eventually, if you own a Montgomery sailboat, you will be able to post pictures and information about your boat using a personal user account. Other users will be able to comment on your postings as well.

The site is being updated in phases. The goal of the first phase was to simply restore and repair the site so that Montgomery owners could benefit from the valuable information it provides. The first phase has been completed we figured it was time to share our work. The goal of the second phase of the project is to allow Montgomery sailboat owners to post pictures and information on their own. We have not completed the second phase, but still value your information and pictures. Contact the site webmaster via email at to post information or report problems. We will let you know when new functionality is implemented.

The material on the original MSOG Photo Site was formatted and updated to fit the new website design. Dates and times listed on some of the posts are from when the material was added to the new site and not necessarily when the material was actually written. The original photo site did not have dates associated with many of the photos and posts. As time goes on and users begin uploading their own photos these dates/times will become accurate. Special thanks to the original MSOG Photo Site creators and contributors. You efforts made this new site possible!

The site is hosted and maintained by Sage Marine, designers of the Sage 15 and Sage 17 sailboats. The site was designed by Gerald Wyatt (Wyatt Web Solutions), a Montgomery 17 owner and web designer.

The repair, modification and/or maintenance projects on this MSOG Photo Site are provided to show how one person accomplished a given task. Some projects are hazardous, dangerous and expensive and should be attempted only by professionals. No warranty of success is included nor implied with any of these projects. The Webmaster, contributors and authors, will not accept, nor be held responsible as a result of any use of the material presented here. Connecting to any pages of this website, indicates your agreement to this policy.

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