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Montgomery Sailboat Owners’ Group (MSOG) Photo Site Terms of Use

Connecting to, viewing, or using any of the pages on the MSOG Photo Site indicates your agreement to the terms of use presented on this page.

The MSOG Photo Site is hosted by Sage Marine. Wyatt Web Solutions (WWS) performs maintenance, upgrades, and administrative services for the site at the request of Sage Marine. Sage Marine and WWS will jointly be referred to as the “webmaster” for the purposes of this document.

Any person that has been granted login privileges and the ability to upload content to the MSOG Photo Site are referred to as a “contributor”. Login privileges are provided upon request and are generally provided based on ownership of a Jerry Montgomery designed or built sailboat. The Webmaster reserves the right to refuse or revoke login or upload privileges at any time to any person.

The repair, modification and/or maintenance projects on this MSOG Photo Site are provided to show how one person accomplished a given task. There is no proof or guarantee that contributors have the proper credentials or experience to be considered an expert in anything they post or present. Some projects are hazardous, dangerous and expensive and should be attempted only by professionals. No warranty of success is included nor implied with any of these projects. The destinations and stories described on this MSOG Photo Site are not guaranteed to be safe and should only be attempted with proper training and experience. The Webmaster and the contributors will not accept, nor be held responsible, for anything that occurs from the use of any content presented on the site.

Contributors to the MSOG Photo Site understand they forfeit control of their uploaded content. The webmaster will have full control and the right to use all uploaded content including and not limited to how it shall be presented on the MSOG Photo Site. Sage Marine and WWS will not use the content for any other purpose then the MSOG Photo Site and will not sell photos or information contributed to the site to advertisers or other vendors. Sage Marine and WWS will delete content from the site upon request, but are not obligated to do so.

Content uploaded to the site that is not focused on Jerry Montgomery designed or built sailboats or deemed inappropriate in any way will be deleted. Site access will be revoked for any contributors that upload inappropriate content. Examples of inappropriate content are provided below. The webmaster will determine what content is appropriate on a case by case basis.

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