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New teak floor below   Total Page Hits: 1443

Post Type: Technical/Project

Boat Part: Cabin/Storage

Date Modified: 04/03/2020 6:08 PM


I called around and searched on the Internet to get some estimates for a 36" x 32" teak grate for the floor in the cabin. I was tired of having to let rugs dry out. I had estimates as high as $1400.00 for some to make it for me. I couldn't justify that kind of money so I called Teakworks4u. They make teak shower mats among other things. I gave them the measurements and they sent this to me i about 10 days. It was $480.00. I had modify it a bit because of the centerboard housing, but it was not hard to do.

I placed it in top of grip tiles I had so it would not slide. Seems to work and looks great!


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