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Boat Part: Headsail

Date Modified: 06/01/2017 2:46 PM


Have you’ve ever wanted to point a little higher with your M17?
Last summer we found that by hand holding the jib sheets in closer to boat centerline we could. We had discovered the magic of an “inhauler”.
After reading about them online, we added inhaulers to our M17. Inhaulers pull the jib sheets in, closer to the boat centerline. This narrows the horizontal jib sheet lead angle, for a better slot effect. Within reasonable limits this enables the boat to point higher without loss of power or speed. Some boats also have outhaulers (barber haulers) for a wider horizontal jib sheet lead angle, better for a broad reach or run.
Photo 1 shows a hand held inhauler. It worked but hand holding was tiresome.
Photos 2, 3 show our 110 jib sheet inhauled the most possible on a M17. It allows us to point 3-4 degrees higher. For a broad reach or run we release the inhaulers, and the jib sheets return to a wide lead angle, direct thru the toe rail blocks. Photo 3 caption shows a parts list. We are pleased with the results of our inhauler addition. The system is simple, cheap, all parts work well, the vertical jib sheet lead angle is not effected, there is no interference with walking or stepping on the deck and the inhaulers should also work for a 135 genoa.
Photos 4, 5 show jib sheet lead angles for a M17.
Photo 6 shows lead angles for typical sailboats.
Photo 7 shows other options we considered to reduce the horizontal jib sheet lead angle. Option 1 - new tracks/lead blocks on the side decks, 17 – 18 degrees, was a factory option on older M17s, but discontinued because the track interfered with a step location. 2 - new tracks/lead blocks above portlights, 16 - 17 degrees, not much improvement for the cost. 3 - remove grab rails, install new tracks/lead blocks, 16 degrees, lost grab rails. 4 - new tracks / lead blocks atop hatch guide boards to sheet inside the lower side stays, 10 degrees, lower stays fowl the jib clew. The four new track options were expensive, required 20 new holes, some had poor sheet alignment to existing winches, were not good for a broad reach or run - when wide is better.


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