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Pilgrim   Total Page Hits: 2985

Boat Type: Montgomery 17
Boat Owner: Larry,Pegg
Hull Number: 55
Home Port: Bayveiw, ID
General Location: Idaho
Last Modified: 09/25/2019 10:49 PM



Researched for years the best trailer sailer pocket cruiser..
The Montgomery 17 was the boat for me.. but.. a little to expensive. I lived in Nampa Idaho at the time and found a boat on line in Salt Lake City.. drove down to Just look at it.. (that's what I told the wife anyway) The boat was as advertised and I bought it and towed it home.
The wife got home about the same time as I pulled in.. she looked at me.. she looked at the boat.. she looked at me.. she looked at the boat.. she opened and closed her mouth a few times.. then holds out her hands and says.. "you don't even have a job what are you doing buying a boat" Now she was right I was between jobs but by the third time out on our little lake she was hooked Now she says "you were so smart to get Pilgrim lets go sailing"

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summer 2019

Boat Name: Pilgrim
Boat Type: Montgomery 17
Date Modified: 09/25/2019