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Simplified Mast Raising System   Total Page Hits: 1261

Post Type: Technical/Project

Boat Part: Mast

Date Modified: 03/02/2022 8:17 PM


Wanting to avoid the hazards of raising the mast by hand and the complications of an electric system, I built a gin pole system and a tackle led back to a sheet winch.

This simple system permits stepping of the mast to be efficiently performed without climbing off the boat and all components can be stored aboard so the mast can be lowered at anchor in the unlikely event of a lost halyard or need to pass under a low bridge.

The sheet winch isn't really necessary for the hoist, but to permit smooth lowering and the cleat allows you to "park" the tackle when you need the to clear the backstay that almost always wants to foul on the outboard, tiller, stern cleats, during the hoist.

Note: Originally a 2:1 tackle(pictured), the recent addition of roller furling necessitated a 3:1 tackle to support the extra weight.

The extra weight of the furler also required addition of eyebolt to the outboard end of the gin pole to better secure the halyard and foil. (Not Pictured)


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