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Anchor Stowage / Deployment From Cockpit   Total Page Hits: 1094

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Date Modified: 02/26/2022 10:19 PM


Not wanting to leave the cockpit to deploy and retrieve the anchor, I built a cockpit locker box and anchor deployment system.
After cutting out the shallow "ash tray" starboard cockpit locker about 1" down from the lip, I built a non-draining box to securely hold anchor, chain, and rode. Additional space was available for fenders and docklines. The box is slid in through the quarter berth and with a tight fit is secured with only 2 anchor screws through the bottom. The box has Dri-Deck in the bottom to facilitate drying the rode.
A rubber mat that can be secured over the cockpit combing and rail will protect the gelcoat from chain damage.
After deploying anchor and chain, the rode is snapped into a snatch block attached to a "Trolley" which is run to a small block on the bow pulpit. This permits the rode to be fed out while the boat is backed-down, all without leaving the cockpit!
After the anchor is set and motor shut down, you can casually go to the bow and properly secure the anchor rode to a deck cleat.


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