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Optimizing Cruise-Mode Stowage   Total Page Hits: 1110

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Date Modified: 02/27/2022 11:47 AM


Ya know the problem with small boat cruising? Bags of junk piled everywhere!
The solution: Standard size bins from Walmart (Sterilite - 12x17x7"high.)
I removed the stock platforms under the Vberth and replaced with larger platforms with rails to secure 2 bins on each side. Bins keep your clothing and supplies organized and quickly available. Also convenient trays on top for random items.
Additional stowage is available forward of the bins for sails, awning, etc.
You will also notice a platform to secure a water tank which is plumbed to a remote pump in the quarterberth area.
None of these cruise-mode modifications add much day-sailing weight. The bins are removed and the water tank emptied for day-sailing.
These bins can also be stacked two-high sideways in the quarterberths for food stowage.
You will note in the pump pic that the settee cushions have been shortened (on both sides)to make space for 2 small coolers and 4 bins when in cruise-mode.
Note: Poppy has no stinky porta potty and no lead-acid battery or permanent wiring system. (Details on alternate options in future posts.)


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